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Ciara’s New Blue Hair Has Cookie Monster Shaking in His Fur

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Just when we thought Ciara was sticking to found-in-nature hair colors, it seems she's making the switch to found-on-Muppets shades. And it looks so good.

On the afternoon of Friday, June 17, Ciara posted a quick video to her Instagram grid in which she's doing one of the many things she does best: dancing. She appears to be in a dance studio full enveloped in mirrors. "Ready to JUMP into the Wknd like 😎," she wrote in the caption. We'd normally say it's hard to take our eyes off her moves, or her clear platform heels, or her camo cargo pants, or her iridescent sunglasses, but nothing can upstage her new hair color.

Nearly black just yesterday, Ciara's hair is now Cookie Monster blue. Still super long, she wears it mostly loose with two cute knots atop her head and slightly shorter tendrils framing her face. 

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For more than a year, Ciara's hair has fallen within the range of shades that naturally grow out of human heads — rich brunettes, sandy blondes, stunning auburns, and a fair share of caramel highlights. This is the first time we've seen her with a fantasy color since the last photos she posted with pink hair in February 2021. 

This is by no means the first time Ciara has tried out a blue hue, though. We nearly lost our damn minds when she switched to an icy blue in November 2020. But this is the first time we can remember seeing her with vibrant cobalt hair, and hopefully, it won't be the last.

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