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Kim Kardashian Just “Can’t Do Long Nails” Anymore

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The great debate as to whether short and long nails would reign supreme in 2022 is still going strong with no clear winner. Earlier this year, we observed celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner — known for lengthy manicures — abandon them for shorter nails that look just as good. Though some stars eventually returned to their longer tips, it looks like you won't be seeing Kim Kardashian with long nails pretty much ever again. Her reasoning is simple: "I can't do long nails," she shared during a Q&A session at the Allure offices on Tuesday.

On June 21, the Kardashians star sat down with editor in chief Jessica Cruel to chat about her criminal justice advocacy work, her love for neutral colors in the home, the one time she stole a brown Revlon lipstick at 11 years old with Nicole Richie by her side, and more. Though we've seen the Kardashian with more than a few long manicures throughout the years, it's more of an illusion than anything else. "They're usually just taped on for a shoot or the night," she said. 

Occasionally, the reality TV star will indulge in the longer tips that make her feel like the baddest woman alive — who doesn't get a confidence boost from a lengthy manicure set? "Every once in a while I get [long nails] for vacation, [and] I have a whole different attitude," she noted.

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Unfortunately, the confidence those talons bring does not outweigh how cumbersome they are for her as a law student who has plenty of papers to write. She jokes that her friends and family can easily tell when she has a longer manicure. "When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh," she shared. "They'll be like nothing you're saying on text makes sense."

It's not an understatement to say that Kardashian is entering a new era with bright blonde hair, short nails, and her latest business venture, SKKN By Kim, a skin-care brand that will soon join her cosmetics and fragrances, she teases. And we're more than excited to tag along for the ride.

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