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Lizzo’s Graphic Manicure Is a Stunning Ode to Black Liberation

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Lizzo wore shades of green, yellow, red, and black in commemoration of a holiday that celebrates the freedom and heritage of African Americans' emancipation from slavery. She displayed her Juneteenth pride on Instagram on June 20 with photos of the pan-African colors above painted all over her nails and figure. She sang her heart out to her Instagram feed to honor the holiday as the sun beamed onto her face. 

Laid against a cherry-red backdrop, Lizzo posed for photographer Bonnie Nichoalds. In the third of four photos posted to the singer-songwriter's Instagram feed, a close-up of her geometric manicure is seen with distinct shapes drawn on each finger. The designs were created by nail artist Eri Ishizu with one goal in mind: to feature the colors that represent pan-African pride and culture. The ring finger featured a red heart outlined in black, drawn atop a green base. With her nails touching the corners of her red lips, we see alternating triangles leading up from the base to the tips of her short, almond-shaped nails. 

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She chose to caption her latest thread of photos with the URL of her fundraising website, Her fans deeply appreciated the singer's ode to Black liberation. One commented, "Do something with passion or not at all." Another wrote, "love and blessings right back at you sister." 

Lizzo celebrated Juneteenth with sincerity, love, and awareness of Black businesses and organizations that she stands with today. In her third annual Juneteenth fundraiser to date, she was able to raise nearly half a million dollars for Black-owned businesses and organizations while bringing awareness to the Black community through her platform. Now, how's that for a Juneteenth weekend celebration? 

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